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In May 2024, we launched the 2024 ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme with an inspiring retreat for participants in Cambodia. Over four transformative days in Siem Reap, 15 women shared their personal stories, articulated their ambitions and set their visions for becoming authentic and impactful leaders.   

As the sun rose in an already hot and humid Siem Reap, participants of the 2024 ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme gathered for their first face-to-face meeting. These 15 women, selected from a competitive pool of applicants, represent conservation organisations across Southeast Asia. Over the course of the eight-month programme, they will hone their leadership skills, enhance their confidence and build robust networks to amplify their conservation efforts.  


The 2024 programme began with a retreat designed to build the foundations for their leadership, helping participants understand their values, create their vision, and to foster connections within the group. The retreat’s agenda included sessions on sharing what visibility in leadership means, deep diving into core values and maintaining their own wellbeing. Participants held meaningful discussions about the unique challenges and opportunities for women working in conservation. The importance of wellbeing and self-care are core threads that will run through the programme. 

It was such a privilege to welcome the second cohort of our Women in Conservation Leadership Programme in Siem Reap. We continue to evolve and tailor the programme to ensure it meets the specific needs of women working in conservation in Southeast Asia and I was delighted to see how the participants embraced the opportunity to share and learn from each other, and the powerful sense of community and support it generated” said ASAP Director, Nerissa Chao. 

As well as the programme sessions, the retreat included a visit to the incredible Angkor Wat, where participants could take a moment to reflect on their journey ahead. The group was also given a special guided tour of the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity by 2023 ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme graduate, Christel Griffioen.  

Participant Cisca Nurfi’aini reflected, “This network feels like a supportive family, where we help and inspire each other every step of the way. I have learned personal and professional growth. Together, we are breaking barriers and creating positive change”. 

The eight-month ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme has been co-designed by ASAP and Visibility Co, with collaboration from Digdaya Selaras and Vik Mohan. Throughout the programme, we will be introducing the participants and sharing their experiences. You can follow along on our website and social media channels.   

Our Investing in People programme grows skills and motivation – empowering conservationists in Southeast Asia to conserve threatened wildlife through training that advances skills, fosters personal and professional growth and enhances overall wellbeing. To find out how you can support the ASAP Women in Conservation Leadership Programme, please get in touch.   

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