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HEPI is integrating conservation and health care through community-based projects to break the cycle between poverty and deforestation. We are equipping the forest community to become the guardian of the forest, for  healthy people and healthy forests.

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What We Do

HePI designs its interventions through “radical listening” with local communities about their ideas for solutions to the problems they face. HePI established a dental clinic serving Gunung Leuser National Park, and conducted a baseline survey in Batang Toru which identified priority interventions that form our work with the community.

HePI provides health care incentives in the priority village areas of intervention for orangutan conservation. The clinic will provide a non-cash payment system for the communities. They could pay with tree seedlings, instead and other activities that are promoting the conservation of Orangutan habitat. The collected seedlings will be distributed to support orangutans and their habitats by improving the value of indigenous agroforestry areas and vegetations managed by the communities in the surrounding areas of the forest landscape. We need to prepare rehabilitation of orangutan habitat with the aim to increase the number of orangutan feeding plants by improving the value of indigenous agroforestry areas and vegetations as the wildlife buffer zones, which simultaneously will increase the awareness of the communities to the coexistence between humans and the orangutans and other endemic wildlife.

Provision of Health Care Services as an integrated approach of healthcare incentive, livelihood, health and conservation education to save the most critical great ape habitat of Orangutan.

Where We Work

1.Project site 1 located in the villages of Bukit Mas and Sekoci, in Besitang sub district, Langkat region by the Gunung Leuser National Park

2. Project site 2 The Batang Toru Ecosystem, also know locally as the “Harangan Tapanuli” covers 141,749 HA of Primary forest in the Tapanuli Districts of North Sumatra Province

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Jl. Sisingamangaraja no. 488 Kelurahan Suka Maju, Kec. Medan Johor Kota Medan 20146, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia

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