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Tebat Rasau is a community devoted to protecting the environment against widespread environmental threats around the village Lintang on the Island of Belitung and for support of cultural heritage. The name Tebat Rasau is taken from the local language where tebat means a dam and rasau means an aquatic plant, concretely Pandanus helicopus.

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What We Do

Conservation of nature and river ecosystems
Members of the Tebat Rasau community are mostly people born in the area thus they are familiar with local ecosystems both in the river and in the forest. The area where Tebat Rasau is located still holds a population of Malaysian Giant Turtle Orlitia borneensis, Asiatic Softshell Turtle Amyda cartilaginea, Belitung Island Tarsier Tarsius bancanus saltator and other species yet to be identified. The community tries not to disturb any of these species in the habitat they occupy and moreover educate other people not to catch, hold or eat these endangered species and explain the complexity of healthy and functioning ecosystem.

The community work is to ensure that every member of the community or visitor fish only for their own consumption and solely those species that are fully grown and abundant with using non-invasive practices. There should be also mentioned that juvenile individuals of caught fish are immediately released back to the water in order to allow them to mature and spawn.

Recently, a series of droughts hit the river and surrounding wetlands. During these times the ecosystem is extremely prone to fires. The community monitors the area and try to prevent any serious damage caused by frequent fires.

Education & Research
Another important part of Tebat Rasau is a mediation and transmission of knowledge of local nature together with traditions and regional language to other people, tourists and especially to young people in order not to lose the connections with their origins.

In addition, the Tebat Rasau community also welcomes researchers of various disciplines to come, study and exchange their knowledge with the community where both sides are teachers and students simultaneously. The area offers enormous potential for studying ecosystems and inhabiting organisms as well as cultural aspects of the Island as a whole.

Preservation of Local Culture
The Tebat Rasau maintains original rituals, for example Nanggok Rite or Traditional Nirok ceremony during the dry season where traditional customs, community leaders and village shamans have their role. Tebat Rasau, as an organizing element, underlines the symbolism of responsibility to nature and its preservation along with a spirit of mutual cooperation and support of culture during these ceremonies.

To manage and protect local ecosystems and biodiversity in accordance with local wisdom, fairness, sustainability and welfare of the Belitung people.

By means of:

  • Implementing and promoting conservation practices based on science, innovation and local wisdom;
  • Building coalitions and partnerships with civil society, working with private organizations engaged in environmental conservation as well as government to ensure sustainable development;
  • Promote environmental conservation values ​​by increasing awareness and taking action within the community.


Healthy ecosystems where people and nature coexist in harmony.

Where We Work

Desa Lintang, Belitung island, Indonesia

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Lintang, Simpang Renggiang, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia

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