Conservation Actions

It occurs in several protected areas in Indonesia and a management area in Papua New Guinea. There is a need to conserve important populations of this species. Public awareness and hunting restrictions will be essential for the conservation of this species. Further research into its numbers, distribution, ecology, threats, harvest levels, and conservation measures are all important.

Location Information

This species is widespread, though patchily distributed, in the northern part of the island of New Guinea (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea). Most of the records are very old. It has been recorded from sea level to 1,200 m asl.

Geographic Range


Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

Population Information

Spilocuscus rufoniger is a rare species. It has been extirpated from parts of its range through overhunting and its intolerance to human disturbance.


This species is threatened by preferential hunting by local people for food and cultural reasons, and also by conversion of forest to cultivated land. While it has declined where it comes into contact with people, a large part of its range is uninhabited. The west Papuan area has been impacted by the influx of Javan people, and large areas of habitat have been transformed by agriculture. There are also logging concessions and oil palm activities planned for parts of the area.


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Michael Thirnbeck (category image)