Conservation Actions

There are no conservation measures in place.

Location Information

This fish is known from the Thua Luu River (Thua Thuen Hue province, 50 km south of Hue) and from two small streams flowing to the sea between Thua Luu and Hai Van Pass in Central Viet Nam only (Freyhof and Serov 2001, Serov et al. 2006).

The original extent of occurrence (EOO) was estimated at ca. 5,000 km², however recent surveys (2010) only found the species in a single stream (a single location).

Geographic Range


Viet Nam

Population Information

In the last ten years (2000-2010), a marked decline in the abundance of this species has been observed (J. Freyhof unpublished data). Despite intensive survey in its distribution range, this species has been found again in only one stream.


The major threat to this species is the urban development in its small distribution, which causes degradation of its habitat through water pollution and water abstraction.

The known locations are small streams that are very easily impacted by fishery activities and other known threats, and the species habitat is projected to decline as use, threats and suitable habitat decline.

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