About Us

Allies for Wildlife is an emerging nonprofit organization founded by conservationists with over 20 years of wildlife management, outreach, and conservation experience. As a collaborative-effort collective-thinking organization, Allies for Wildlife relies on a network of supporting organizations and world-leading experts. We build bridges with the leading players in wildlife conservation, including National and International Associations, NGOs, governments, and private entities. Our growing expert panel includes professionals from several fields, including sustainable solutions, wildlife trade, conservation ecology, veterinary science, filmmaking, and more.

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What We Do

We develop ambitious conservation strategies using evidence-based tools and a network of international experts. Our holistic approach to conservation involves:

  • Identifying conservation priority areas in need of attention,
  • Developing strategic action plans with clear short and mid-term objectives,
  • Building the local conservation capacity needed to ensure a successful implementation of the plan,
  • Securing both technical and financial support through partner engagement, and
  • Tracking the project development and providing field assistance in every step of the process.

Where We Work

Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America

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266, Principe de Vergara. 28016. Madrid. Spain

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