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'Arulagam' was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organisation in honour and memory of Mr. Arulmozhi, who inspired many of his friends, including ourselves – the members of Arulagam – through his commitment to environmental conservation.
We believe that regardless of its value to humanity, every form of life and its ecosystem is unique.
A society that cares about the environment in order to protect and conserve nature to ensure "sustainable development”
Conserve nature through active and participatory civic engagement in awareness campaigns, field actions, research, and education.

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What We Do

We at Arulagam endeavour to conserve flora and fauna – particularly endangered, neglected, less charismatic, and lesser-known species and their habitats – in Tamil Nadu and India in general.

At Arulagam we emphasize using a scientific approach to address environmental issues and being a "voice for the voiceless." We are working to increase the capacity of various stakeholders for nature conservation, including ecosystem protection, through the field and research-oriented participatory action programmes that demonstrate against practices that harm our land, water, air, forest, and coastal environment.

Past ten years, we strive to revive critically endangered vulture population by partnering with Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinctions (SAVE).

Arulagam is now formally an ‘Associate Partner’ of SAVE, recognition and endorsement of our vulture work which tackles agreed, scientifically justified priorities.

We are working for the upliftment of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) for claiming land titles and involving them in their traditional conservation practices. Promoting ethical farming, bio-fencing, value addition of farming produce, fair price and sustainable development.

Arulagam maintains strong links with state government officials as well as trusted media contacts, both of which are crucial for success in implementing and communicating key conservation messages and actions.

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Tamil Nadu, India

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53R4+4VF, Thongum Thottam, Masakaundanputhur, Ellappalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641697, India

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