About Us

A data driven team with experience in data analysis, intelligence, and business insight across public, private and not for profit sectors. Go Insight’s analytic approach draws on both business intelligence and criminal intelligence backgrounds to complement the value we bring.

​Our mission is to improve other organization’s data capabilities so that it is easily translated and transformed into actionable insights and strategic decision-making.

We are strong advocates for collaboration and innovation to overcome challenges, and we strive for transparency. Go Insight are motivated to empower not for profit enterprises with a focus on environmental causes particularly wildlife conservation.

What We Do

Our primary focus is to provide direct support to conservation organizations by offering resources in data management, visualization, and analysis, particularly addressing the illegal wildlife trade. Specifically, our efforts centre on creating centralized repositories for information and data related to the trade and trafficking of wildlife.

Our aim is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the scope, scale, and nature of illegal trade and trafficking. We provide insights into the criminal perspective of how trade occurs, offering valuable information to inform conservation and law enforcement strategies. Through data sharing and the insights we generate, our goal is to foster increased collaboration between researchers and the law enforcement community. This collaboration has the potential to yield crucial new findings and establish partnerships in the field.

These insights are designed to contribute to a better understanding of demand, and through our resources, we strive to enhance observations of trends affecting both individual species and entire taxonomic groups.


Where We Work

We are not restricted to one geographical country or region, instead we generally focus on the illegal supply chain for in-demand species and therefore often work across more than one country across the region.

Contact Details

Manchester United Kingdom

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