About Us

Yayasan IAR Indonesia (YIARI) is an Indonesian-based charity established in 2008 that is financially and strategically supported by International Animal Rescue (IAR). YIARI currently runs two rehabilitation facilities in West Java (for macaques and slow lorises) and West Kalimantan (for orangutans) both with a focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction.

YIARI’s vision is a world where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems. YIARI’s mission is to build awareness and implement effective systems such that habitats and animals are protected.

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What We Do

Yayasan IAR Indonesia was created with the aim to conserve habitats and protect the animals that live in them, while ensuring their welfare. YIARI stimulates communities, government and non-government institutions and the private sector to collaborate and take action in protecting the environment, and to promote the sustainable management of the natural resources through awareness campaigns, capacity building and community development.

YIARI implements methods and approaches to reduce the trade in wild animals, and establishes strategies to ensure that wild animals remain safe in their habitats; but when necessary, YIARI rescues wild animals in dire need, and when possible, rehabilitates and releases them back into the wild, also providing sanctuary for non-releasable animals.

Where We Work

Indonesia:  Sungai Awan Kiri, West Kalimantan and Bogor, West Java

Contact Details

Jl. Ketapang–Tanjungpura RT010, Dsn. Pematang Merbau Kec. Muara Pawan, Kab. Ketapang 78813, Kalimantan Barat

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