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Zoo Ostrava can be counted among the world’s most prominent zoos, both in terms of the breeding of threatened species ex situ as well as of the nature conservation in situ. The zoo has had many considerable achievements in breeding rare and hard-to-breed species as well as keeping the world’s/Europe’s largest breeding groups of other species. However, it has been actively involved in several repatriation projects, having donated more than 600 young for release so far, and it also puts great emphasis on supporting in-situ conservation projects worldwide. Therefore, Zoo Ostrava has implemented the “2 CZK for Wildlife” project, contributing 2 CZK of each admission fee to these conservation projects. Since 2016 when this scheme was launched, 17 in-situ projects were supported by the total amount of 2.5 million CZK. The zoo also employs several in-situ workers and manages a conservation department, one of the few in Central Europe.

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Support conservation of the 'Critically Endangered' Delacour's langur in Van Long Nature Reserve, Vietnam.

Support species conservation by local partner organizations such as, for example, Yayasan Peduli Kelestarian Satwa Liar (Indonesia) - Sunda Pangolin (Trenggiling Conservation Program), Centre for Resources, Environment and Climate change (Vietnam) - Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey (Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey Conservation Programme), Taman Safari/Kasi Foundation (Indonesia) - several ASAP bird species (Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark)

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Ostrava Zoo, Michálkovická 2081/197, 710 00 Slezská Ostrava, Czechia

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