The IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) is a partnership platform with the mission of halting species extinctions in Southeast Asia.

Recognising the need for urgent conservation action to save species in Southeast Asia, ASAP was formed under the IUCN SSC to drive the species conservation action. ASAP brings together expertise and innovative ideas and has grown to be a partnership of over 200 organisations.

We believe that if we support ASAP Partners by increasing funding, strengthening capacity and raising awareness, then species are less likely to go extinct because conservation action will be catalysed and ASAP Partners will have the skills and resources to conserve species.

Together, we can save species on the brink.

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"Through ASAP we came into contact with other organisations and we are learning from the experiences of these organisations. It has also helped us spread our work through interviews that are shared with ASAP contacts and uploaded on the ASAP website.”

Marites Gatan-Balbas, Chief Operating Officer at Mabuwaya Foundation Inc, an ASAP Partner

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