About Us

We were found in 2018 with the vision to initiate and empower locally-led conservation to protect threatened yet overlooked Sulawesi wildlife. Our program started the same year by the establishment of community initiative to protect the colony of flying foxes in Mantawalu Daka Island, Central Sulawesi, and then followed in 2019 by the initiation of Forsten’s tortoise in Palu valley, Central Sulawesi. We are proud to start our new conservation initiative for Talaud cuscus this year. Species we have worked on is not typical famous species, but rather considered not ‘sexy’ and thus received zero to little conservation attention despite the fact they are at the brink of extinction. Having extensive experience in grass-root conservation movement in Sulawesi, we ensure our approach is bottom-up, and allocating most of our resources to enhance the capacity and prepare the local community, especially the youth, as the leaders of the initiative.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

  • Research to provide the most update information on species population status, threat level, and ecological information; and to measure the impact of our conservation projects
  • Capacity building activities to equip promising local youth to undertake and then eventually lead the research and conservation projects
  • Outreach to raise awareness among the local community about the value of nature and unique Sulawesi wildlife
  • Community-based initiative tailored to each area and species to protect the species and empower the community (e.g. flying fox island trip)

Where We Work

Sulawesi, Indonesia

Contact Details

Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto, Luwuk, Kabupaten Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah 94711, Indonesia

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