ASAP Species Continuation Fund

The ASAP Species Continuation Fund is open to ASAP Partners who have previously received funding from either the ASAP Species Conservation Fund or the ASAP Species Rapid Action Fund.

There are two components to the ASAP Species Continuation Fund: funding to enable follow-up conservation activities for ASAP Species and funding to address the organisational needs or priorities of ASAP Partners. Applications must address both components.

To be eligible for the grant, you must:

  • Be an ASAP Partner.
  • Have previously received funding from either the ASAP Species Rapid Action Fund or the ASAP Species Conservation Grant.
  • Have completed all technical and financial reporting for a least one ASAP grant that you have previously received.
  • Submit an Expression of Interest .

The project must target ASAP Species, which are listed here.

For full details on eligibility and what the grant programme will support, please see the application guidelines.

Proposals should be submitted in Singapore Dollars for a maximum of SGD 30,000 a year, with activities relating to project implementation and organisational development included in each year of the grant. Up to SGD 20,000 a year can be for project activities, with up to SGD 10,000 a year to support organisational development. Proposals can be for a maximum of three years.

Interested applicants should submit an Expression of Interest to with the subject heading “ASAP Species Continuation Fund - Expression of Interest”. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal and an organisational resilience check.

If you have any questions about eligibility or require some advice or support in developing your application, please contact the ASAP Secretariat at

Key documents:

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In light of potential challenges in disbursing grants to Myanmar, ASAP Partners in Myanmar should contact the ASAP Secretariat at before applying for any ASAP grant.