If your organisation’s purpose includes biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia, then it should consider becoming an ASAP Partner. By joining the Partnership, you will be part of a collective effort to conserve ASAP species.

The Partnership was created as a response to the alarming results of a comprehensive IUCN Global Mammal Assessment in 2008 which showed that Southeast Asia had by far the highest concentration of mammal species on the edge of extinction of any comparable region in the world. This is mirrored by other taxonomic groups.

Partnership is open to conservation organisations, government agencies, research institutions, ex situ facilities that focus on conservation breeding or conservation awareness, zoo associations and others as relevant.

Our role is to bring added value to Partner organisations through catalysing, assisting and supporting their efforts. We bring new resources and support capacity building of ASAP Partners so that they are in a better position to conserve ASAP species. You also gain an opportunity to network with relevant organisations across the region.

ASAP Partners are having a collective impact on the future of ASAP species

ASAP Partner Guiding Principles form can be found here: ASAP Partners Guiding Principles

For general enquiries, proposals for working collaborations, details of how to engage with ASAP and to learn more about how your project can be listed, please contact

Featured image: Chester Zoo