About Us

The Association for Nature and Biodiversity (ANB) is a German-based non-profit organisation founded to protect wildlife around the globe.

We are a group of conservationists currently focusing on threatened mammals in South-East Asia. We do have a longtime experience and a profound scientific background. Our strength is a multidisciplinary approach covering species conservation, wildlife biology and population genetics.

We specialise in immediately collecting solid data, developing action plans and implementing the most urgently needed conservation measures.

On the other hand, sustainability is the key to biodiversity conservation. Rare species will only survive if local people start to see them as unique and valuable. Therefore, we always try to solve conflicts together.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

Our mission is to assess the risk of extinction before it is too late. For this purpose, we apply modern and proven methods of evidence-based conservation.

Through the combination of movement data, camera-trapping and DNA analysis we aim to develop conservation action plans, in a relatively short time.

We also offer solutions to improve acceptance for species under pressure and to solve human wildlife conflict.

Where We Work

  • Indonesia (the islands of Java and Bawean)

Project on the conservation of threatened Indonesian warty pigs and Bawean deer

  • Philippines (all islands)

Project on the taxonomy Philippines wild pigs

(Oliver’s Warty Pig, Philippine Warty Pig, Visayan Warty Pig, Palawan Bearded Pig, Sunda Bearded Pig)

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Bawean, East Java, Indonesia

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