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Chances for Nature is committed to conserving endangered habitats and species. We support local communities and initiatives in implementing sustainable strategies through education, science, and capacity building.

We run long-term conservation projects in Madagascar and at two sites in Myanmar.

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One of our project locations in Myanmar is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Indawgyi Lake.

Lake Indawgyi is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Southeast Asia. Important habitats around the lake include extensive grasslands and rainforests on the surrounding mountain slopes. The lake not only encompasses important habitats but is also home to a unique fish fauna. Numerous Sarus cranes, spot-billed pelicans, woolly-necked storks, and Asian open-billed storks, as well as several critically endangered vulture species, inhabit the areas surrounding the lake. Rare primates, such as Eastern hoolock gibbon and Shortridge’s langur, as well as gaur, Asian black bear, and clouded leopard, are present in the adjacent forests.

Chances for Nature is engaged at Indawgyi Lake with several projects and activities, such as environmental education, strategies to stop deforestation, and biodiversity surveys.

Planned activities: Turtle survey with main focus on Burmese peacock softshell turtles (Nilssonia formosa), engaging local fishermen and subsequent development of specific conservation action towards a long-term conservation or potential re-introduction of the species.

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Myanmar, Madagascar

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