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Established in 2010, C3 Philippines or C3PH aims to develop conservation efforts through capacity building of local individuals and institutions through grassroots research and trainings. Since then, C3PH has been involved in a number of activities towards biodiversity conservation. The team’s in-depth knowledge and experiences revealed that the communities and indigenous peoples’ challenges are geared into reaching an agreeable balance between resource utilization, endangered species conservation and improvement of communities socio-economic condition.

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What We Do

C3PH partners with various communities, stakeholders, and partners to fulfil its commitment to develop and deliver effective conservation programmes. Believing that the community empowerment is essential in the success and sustainability of any conservation and rehabilitation efforts, C3PH’s major works revolve around: a. community-based species and habitat management; b. community enterprise development; c. capacity building and outreach for conservation; and d. biodiversity conservation of the terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems in Calamianes Islands and across Northern Palawan.

The C3PH’s main strategy on its conservation work centers  on the inclusiveness of an individual and the community as a whole.  This entails participation in multi-disciplinary activities as citizen scientists hence, maximizing opportunities for ownership and sustainability.

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Calamianes Island Group and Northern Palawan, Philippines

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Salvacion, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines

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