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Friends of Nature is a youth lead non-governmental organization working in the field of environment and biodiversity conservation. It is leagally registered at District Administrative Office, Kathmandu and affialiated with Social Welfare Council. Our mission is to enhance the socio-cultural and environmental condition through applied research, advocacy and model project interventions. We aim to create new generation of wildlife researchers and conservationist through different trainings, field works, funding oppourtunities and technical support. We are looking forward to create a dynamic green society by influencing policies and actions to safeguard the environment. We aim to create positive impact on the livelihood of local community by building capacity to maintain the harmony between wildlife, nature and human.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

FON primarily works on lesser-known species which are generally neglected by mainstream conservation. We conduct research on wildlife and other components of biodiversity to assess the conservation problems while also developing innovative solutions to implement them. We are continuously working on Clouded Leopard, Asiatic Wild Dog, Owl, Himalayan Black Bear and grassroots level conservation to uplift the livelihood of local community.

With regards to ASAP species, we generally work with vultures in Rampur IBA. We are working for the conservation and safeguard of all the vulture species with a primarily focus on the White-rumped Vulture. The IBA supports the largest breeding population of White-rumped vulture in Nepal and our organization is monitoring the population status and nesting behaviour. We also sensitize the local community, students, and other stakeholders to the conservation and monitoring of the species.

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M7JH+MPF, Kirtipur 44600, Nepal

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