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The Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ITBC) of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is located in the Malaysian state of Sabah, northern Borneo. ITBC was established on 6th June 1996 with the purpose to promote the protection and sustainable use of terrestrial biodiversity resources and natural ecosystems via research, training, education and outreach programs. ITBC strives to be a Centre of Excellence in research, innovation, education and training pertaining to management and conservation of tropical biodiversity and the environment. In pursuit of this purpose, the principle objectives of ITBC are as follows:

• To enhance research and innovation in tropical biodiversity and conservation that contribute towards effective management and resilience of key ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.
• To enhance reference facilities (BORNEENSIS) to effectively and efficiently manage biodiversity materials, data, information and knowledge.
• To enhance excellence in teaching and learning by embracing IR4.0 for building capacity in tropical biodiversity and conservation.
• To intensify stakeholders engagement and collaboration in biodiversity conservation.
• To enhance dissemination of information and knowledge on the values of biodiversity and their conservation to the stakeholders.

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What We Do

ITBC focusses on five areas of research: (1) tropical ecology, (2) taxonomy and biodiversity, (3) wildlife management and monitoring, (4) advancement of biodiversity, and (5) nature tourism. To support research activities, the institute is well equipped with current research facilities including laboratories for zoology, botany, entomology, cell and tissue culture, natural product chemistry, GIS, SEM and molecular genetic studies. To facilitate studies on taxonomy and systematics, ITBC has a modern repository centre called BORNEENSIS, which houses a substantial collection of unique biological specimens originating mainly from the northern part of Borneo. In addition, ITBC has access to several world renowned field study centres in Sabah, functioning as natural museums or laboratories, such as Danum Valley Conservation Area, Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Imbak Canyon Conservation Area, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Kinabalu Park and the Crocker Range Park.

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Predominantly focussed in Sabah, East Malaysia, Borneo

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Jalan UMS, 88400 , Kota Kinabalu,

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