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The Project works on the conservation of some of the largest and densest mangrove forests in Southeast Asia, home to rare and threatened species, including Fishing Cat, Hairy-Nosed Otter, and Sunda Pangolin

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What We Do

Our primary focus is conservation of a newly recorded population of Fishing Cat in southwest Cambodia.

We combine ecological and social approaches; harnessing the Fishing Cat as an umbrella species for protection of the habitat.

We conduct biodiversity surveys, assess threats, support protected area management, and work with local partners to build capacity and develop conservation solutions, including for Sunda Pangolin.

Where We Work

PKWS is the country’s first protected area assigned management zones approved by a Royal Sub-Decree in 2011. Shrimp aquaculture was abandoned in the early 2000s, and the mangroves are being restored. Nevertheless, major threats to the ecosystem remain, including:

  • overexploitation of wildlife and non-timber forest products
  • illegal hunting
  • land clearance for agriculture
  • sand-dredging of waterways

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#143, St 105, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

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