About Us

Kolaborasi Inklusi Konservasi (KONKLUSI) is a newly established Indonesia-based non-profit organization that was co-founded by three young and passionate conservationists in February 2020.

Having the stated vision, "For every person, to witness a world where wildlife thrives, and to value its conservation as a moral obligation." We carry two main missions:

  1. to conserve neglected endangered species by putting local people at the center of conservation efforts
  2. to inspire people to be involved in collaborative and inclusive conservation efforts.

To achieve this, we adopted our main values into collaboration and inclusion. We believe every person, no matter what background, can take a role in collective conservation effort and make it impactful, relatable, and fun as it ever was. Therefore we have established KONKLUSI as an NGO that can remain dynamic, focused, and that puts local people at the center of conservation.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

KONKLUSI’s main activities are:

  • Collaborating for research on the conservation of Indonesia's neglected endangered species
  • Facilitating collective conservation efforts through the involvement of people from diverse backgrounds.

We are currently starting-up three pioneering projects to save threatened species from extinction:

  1. In search of remnant population of the Siamese crocodile using eDNA
  2. Understanding people and their traditional relationship with Long-beaked echidna
  3. Participatory storybook-making to accelerate conservation of Indonesia neglected endangered species by connecting early-career story-maker, illustrator, and conservationist

Where We Work


  • Mesangat-Suwi wetlan (East Kalimantan)
  • Cycloops Mountain (Jayapura)



Instagram @konklusi_id

Contact Details

Kutu Wates No. 30 RT 7 RW 10 Sinduadi Mlati Sleman DIY - INDONESIA 55284

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