About Us

A not for profit Trust, established in 1976, on eight acres of land. Initially focusing on surveys for the three Indian crocodylians, in particular the gharial. Later, the trade in fresh-water turtles led to a conservation breeding program for several species.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

  • We give advice on captive breeding, husbandry, for Thon Mai rehabilitation facility in Phon Phem, Cambodia
  • Captive breeding for founder stock at zoos and for reintroduction (Siamese crocodiles)
  • Captive breeding, sharing information on diet, growth rates, and possibly the eventual reintroduction of juveniles (Northern river terrapin).

Where We Work

The Primary organization is located in Chennai, India. Three field stations are at the Andaman Islands (Andaman and Nicobars Environmental Team), Agumbe, Karnataka (Agumbe Rain-forest Research Station), and Uttar Pradesh (Gharial Ecology Project).

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East Coast Road, Perur Post, Vadanemelli village, Tamil Nadu 603 104, India

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Featured image: Jeremy Holden