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Malaysian Primatological Society is an established NGO since 2nd March 2015 under Registry of Society (ROS) Malaysia. To date, we have almost 60 members comprising lifetime and annual members. This society comprise researchers, lecturers, students and environmental enthusiast from all around the globe.


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We are focusing on three pillars of primate-based conservation and management effort. The first pillar would be thorough and comprehensive scientific  and highly impact research. For example, our research integrate between technology innovation with conservation by using unmanned aerial vehicle, bioacoustics, canopy bridges and others.  The second pillar of our work revolves around   public outreach and environmental education about primate conservation and management efforts. We have organized events to advocate public on their roles and involvements in primate conservation, such as through road tours, public talk and webinar.  Third pilar emphasizes on strengthening networking and collaboration in our effort for primate conservation and management. For example, we collaborate  with state government of Sarawak, and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) as well as other universities and NGOs to organize the International Primatological Society Congress in Kuching, Sarawak in 2023.

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No 14, Lorong Nuri 3/1, Taman Nuri, 09000, Kulim Kedah MALAYSIA

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