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Establihsed in 2016 as an autonomous, and Registered Charity registered at District Administration Office Kathmandu Nepal (Redg. No: 338 2073/74) and Social Welfare Council (Affiliation No: 44584) with the Government of Nepal. NCI-Nepal is a science-based and conservation research institute, working for sustainable livelihoods of Himalayan communities as well as initiating scientific research on Himalayan biodiversity and the broader environment.

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What We Do

Biodiversity, Climate change, Conservation education (Nature School Program), Citizen Science, Water Resources conservation are the main themes we act with. We focus on capacity building, public involvement, and science-based research.  We focus on periodic involvement in local and national environmental issues/concerns.  NCI works with its highly dedicated and competent team of environmentalists, wildlife experts, climate change experts, Interpreters, Volunteers, and environment activists who travel through nook and corners of Nepal to promote nature conservation and instigate interest among local communities in conservation at the local level. NCI-Nepal provides sound advice on aspects of social development and environmental management to government authorities and other concerned agencies. Periodically, NCI-Nepal releases statements to help improve awareness among the public and policymakers on sustainable livelihood issues and environmental challenges.

Where We Work

A broad team of experts and volunteers supports its activity across the Nepal Himalaya.

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Jorpati, Gokarneshwor-05, Kathmandu, Nepal

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