About Us

Vision :
The realization of environmental healthy conditions, the preservation of biodiversity in nature and the sustainable use of natural resources for the community welfare

Main mission:
1. Support and promote conservation of key flora and fauna
2. Promote human - wildlife coexistence
3. Promote the co-benefits of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
4. Encouraging the community and various parties to adopt a lifestyle that is wise to the environment and natural resources

Program Approach:
1. Conduct monitoring and various studies on the condition of biodiversity and natural resources
2. Support the realization of fair natural resource management policies
3. Develop and promote environmentally friendly and sustainable models and innovations of sustainable use of natural resources

Project cover areas: Indonesia and its surrounding areas in particular Southeast Asia.

Until now, we are working on Aceh and South of Sumatra province (Sumatra Island - Indonesia) for elephant conservation. The project called CARE (Call and Response of wild-Elephant) have been working in implementing SMART patrol system in collaborating with the ministry of environmental and forestry, the companies and the local community. We also have been promoting spatial management for human - elephant to reduce human-wildlife conflict and ecosystem restoration for the elephant habitat.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

We submitted an initial project for the protection of Yellow-crested Cockatoo on Moyo Island (Nusa Tenggara or Lesser Sunda) through the SMART patrol system as a basis for monitoring this bird and its threats.

We hope to also participate in supporting the conservation of other ASAP species, especially to maintain population stability and reduce the threat to the species in nature directly.

Where We Work

Aceh and South of Sumatra

Contact Details

Jl Cipta Karya Gang Gayus Blok A number 22, Tampan Sub district, Pekanbaru, Riau 28299