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Pina e.V. was founded by a group of private individuals to support projects that are directly committed to the protection of (non-human) primates.

Pina e.V. is scientifically accompanied and advised by scientists from Indonesia, Germany, Great Britain and France.

Our mission is to ensure that nature conservation and animal protection is closely linked to research-based facts and accompanied by environmental education and sustainable development.

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In the spotlight: The crested macaque

The crested macaques are endemic to North Sulawesi in Indonesia. They exist in their natural environment only here.

They are classified as Critically Endangered by the IUCN.

The threats to the crested macaques’ survival in the wild are manifold. In a mostly Christian region, they are hunted specifically as bushmeat and considered a delicacy for special occasions such as wedding or Christmas. In the forest, they can also be by-catch of bird or wild pig traps, which can lead to severe mutilation or even death. By far the most threatening aspect is the reduction of their last largest natural habitat through forest destruction for infrastructure development and land clearing for pasture, sometimes carried out illegally. To this is added the general pressure of the population growth in the region.

The Tangkoko Nature Reserve is home to the largest population of crested macaques still present in the region. It is located at the northern-most tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is the last protected stronghold for the macaques.

PINA e.V. supports the Macaca Nigra Project and its education program Tangkoko Conservation Education to provide evidence-based solutions to the protection of the macaques and the conservation of their habitat

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Tangkoko Reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Hünstollenstrasse 7, 37136 Waake, Germany

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Featured image: Primates in Need Assocation (PINA)