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Burung Laut Indonesia (‘Seabirds Indonesia’) was formed in early 2009 by local ornithologists passionate about seabirds and their conservation.

With small-grant funding Burung Laut Indonesia initiated its first project in 2009, the Indonesian Seabird Survey (‘ISSUE’) by conducting two 2-day survey expeditions in the Sunda Strait with volunteers from local NGOs. Until now, there is a both a growing number of enthusiasts and a greater awareness of seabirds and their conservation. Burung Laut Indonesia members are all volunteers, many working for NGOs or government agencies within Indonesia.

Indonesia is among the most important country in South-East Asia for pelagic seabirds. Made up of 17,000 islands spanning 5,000 km of the equator, Indonesian territory is 75% ocean. Despite this, seabird conservation has never been rated a high priority by governmental or non-governmental agencies alike and the consequences of this have been dramatic. Around 80% of the known seabird breeding colonies in Indonesia have been abandoned since the 1900s leaving only a handful active, all under imminent threat. Meanwhile the importance of Indonesian waters as a passage migration and foraging area for non-breeding birds, or the threats to them, remains very poorly understood.

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