About Us

Shoal is a global partnership between conservation organisations, companies, universities, zoos and aquaria, communities, individuals and others, working together to halt the global freshwater crisis.

Millions of people and thousands of companies and institutions across the world are connected to freshwater species and habitats either for their nutrition, livelihoods, personal passion or business. Until now, they have had few opportunities to contribute to conservation.

Shoal is unleashing this untapped, neglected potential to accelerate and intensify action for freshwater species. Action is based on the best science, builds on the experience of projects in every corner of the world and is delivered through strategic collaborations propelled by new funding

What We Do

Shoal is working to support organisations in Southeast Asia to carry out freshwater species conservation. Shoal aims to catalyse conservation efforts for these species, raise funds for urgent conservation action, and help to develop awareness and capacity among local organisations who can implement projects.

To date Shoal is working with local and international partners to conserve the Malili Lakes in Sulawesi, one of the freshwater wonders of the natural world, and to conserve the Parosphromenus fishes of Malaysia and Indonesia’s peat swamp forests.

Where We Work

Shoal’s scope is international. We aim to work to build a global network of freshwater species action.

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27-29 Cursitor Street, London, EC4A 1LT

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