About Us

Politeknik Pertanian Negeri Kupang is one of the state campuses in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia that provides vocational education in the fields of agriculture, forestry, food technology, fisheries and animal husbandry.

Our vision: quality and competitive agricultural polytechnic in the field of semi-arid agriculture.

Our mission:

  • improving the quality and quantity of the Tri Dharma (teaching, research, community service) implementation in higher education.
  • improving the quality of responsive, participatory, transparent and accountable institutional governance.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

We carry out conservation activities for important species through community service activities by providing capacity building and environmental education as well as habitat conservation (mangrove).

Where We Work

East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

Contact Details

Kelapa Lima Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara 85258 Indonesia

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Politeknik Pertanian Negeri Kupang