About Us

SUMECO is a small, 100% Indonesian, grass-roots organization focused on the surveillance, rescue, rehabilitation and release of illegally removed or displaced wildlife back into the Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL).

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

  • Surveillance and Monitoring

SUMECO has capability to conduct both aerial surveillance, using drone technology, and ground surveillance, using a network of community informants, to identify and monitor the movement of animals that are handled as part of the illegal wildlife trade, or involved in human-wildlife conflict situations.

  • Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release

This is the primary focus of SUMECO operations, and to date, we have rescued and released over 500 animals, in close partnership with the authorities, other organizations and the local community. SUMECO operates the only rehabilitation facility local to the Bukit Lawang area, under the authorization of the National Park.

Where We Work


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Jl. Bukit Lawang Hill Resort No.1, Bukit Lawang, Kec. Bohorok, Kabupaten Langkat, Sumatera Utara 20774, Indonesia

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