Conservation Actions

There are no conservation actions in place for this species. Research into the population and distribution is recommended.

Location Information

This species is known only from Lake Furnusu, approximately 15 km north-east of Kaimana, West Papua Province, Indonesia. The lake is situated at an elevation of 15 m asl and only about 1.5 km from the sea, but is separated from it by steep ridge rising to about 500-550 m. The lake basin is approximately 5 km long, 1-2 km wide and completely surrounded by steep ridges without any connection to the nearby sea, with an apparent subterranean drainage typical for other lakes in this limestone karst region (Allen and Hadiaty 2011, G.R. Allen pers. comm. 2019).

Geographic Range



Population Information

The population trend is considered stable, but probably fluctuates seasonally as the lake water level fluctuates. This fluctuation is not thought significant enough to be leading to extreme fluctuations in the distribution or population.


There are large natural water level fluctuations in the habitat of this species, meaning in dry years this species may be restricted to pools and creeks. This is being exacerbated by climate change, which is leading to a continuing decline in habitat.

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