Conservation Actions

Survey work is needed to confirm if the species is still present in the area where it was found or in nearby forest.

Location Information

The species is only known from Sandakan Bay, Sabah, Malaysia, from an area close to sea level.

Geographic Range

Possibly Extinct


Population Information

There is no information about the population of this species. However, population decline and possible extinction has been inferred from the observed decline in the amount of suitable habitat left for the species to survive due to human activities.


Deforestation of lowland forest for urbanisation and tourist development is known to have completely wiped out the forest from where this species was recorded; only one nearby, small fragment remains where this species might persist (I. Das pers. obs. 2011). Survey work conducted by R. Inger in this area failed to locate the species (R. Inger pers. comm. 2011).

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