Conservation Actions

There has no conservation action or scheme currently in place. However, the species is being considered to be included in the list of National Wildlife Protection Act (P. Soisook, pers. comm).

Location Information

This species is known only from a very small area of Bala Forest, south Thailand. Both its EOO and AOO fit well within one 4 km² grid cell. The actual area this species is known from is between 0.03 and 1 km².

Geographic Range



Population Information

As this species is known only from three specimens collected during the last 15 years, it is believed to be extremely rare. It is not possible to estimate the population size but presumably decreasing due to the loss of forest area.


The major threat to this species is the habitat loss as the lowland forest, although legally protected, is being disturbed and converted to be agricultural area.

IUCN Red List Account Link

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