ASAP Species Conservation Grants

 Organisation: EcosystemImpact Foundation

Project title: Bangkaru Island Hidden Treasures: Save Bangkaru’s Critically Endangered Bird Species

Location: Bangkaru Island (Pulau Bangkaru), Aceh Province, Indonesia

Project date: February 2021 – January 2022

Species: Nias Hill Myna Gracula robusta, Silvery Pigeon Columba argentina


The challenge

Indonesia has the highest number Critically Endangered bird species in Southeast Asia due to widespread habitat destruction and poaching for the pet trade. Nias Hill Myna is heavily targeted by hunting and unsustainable trapping which has led to significant population decline. As Silvery Pigeon is not a songbird, it has not been heavily impacted by the Asian Songbird Crisis. The main threat to the species is habitat destruction. Bangkaru island is a crucial location for the future survival of the Nias Hill Myna and Silvery Pigeon due to the relatively pristine nature of its ecosystem and the presence of the Bangkaru Ranger Programme over the last 20 years.

The project

The overall objective of this project is to continue to protect Bangkaru’s Nias Hill Myna and Silvery Pigeon populations through ranger patrols, monitoring work, law enforcement, community engagement and environmental education.

“Bangkaru island is regarded as one of the last strongholds for Nias Hill Myna, Silvery Pigeon and other important biodiversity. The Island is home to the Ecosystem Impact Ranger Programmes, which protects the island’s 319 sq. km of uninhabited, intact primary old-growth rainforest through ranger patrols, law enforcement and community education.”

 Tom Amey, Director of Social and Environmental Programmes , Ecosystem Impact Foundation


Project reports

Project reports will be added here

Thumbnail and featured photo credit: Simon Brusland

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