ASAP Species Conservation Grants

 Organisation: Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Institute for Sustainable Earth and Resources – Universitas Indonesia

Project title: Field study and continued conservation outreach for the Critically Endangered Banggai Crow, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Location: Central Sulawesi

Project date: February 2021 – January 2022

Species: Banggai Crow (Corvus unicolor)


The challenge

The Banggai Crow was only rediscovered in the 2000s and is likely restricted to Peleng island in the Banggai archipelago. The forests of Peleng island, and the biodiversity they support, are under threat from deforestation and degradation. Since 2004, Mochamad Indrawan of the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation has facilitated conservation outreach activities with local indigenous people to reduce hunting and establish community protection through community conserved areas.

Today, the total size of the population remains unclear. For future conservation of the Banggai Crow, it is essential to understand how effective the community conserved areas are by comparing numbers both inside and out.

The project

The project will conduct field surveys to establish detailed distribution data for the Banggai Crow. The project also aims to increase awareness of the species with indigenous people and local communities and strengthen the community conserved areas.

“Despite formal rediscovery and community protection of Banggai Crow in 2011 the number of the surviving population is not known, thus we aim to undertake the estimation. Today, community conservation areas, have been set up to protect Banggai island’s point endemics, and we continue participatory outreach.”

Mochamad Indrawan, Research Scientist, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation


Project reports

Project reports will be added here

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