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Croeni Foundation has announced Save Vietnam’s Wildlife as the Spring 2016 winner of the ALMOST FAMOUS AWARD and the recipient of the SGD5,000 prize.

Almost Famous Award by Croeni Foundation

The Almost Famous Award gives a voice to species that most people do not know exist and hopes to help raise awareness and funds to increase the survival chance of the lesser known endangered animals.

The winning organization, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, is a national nonprofit committed to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam by rescuing threatened animals, protecting entire populations and ensuring secured habitats. Save Vietnam’s Wildlife acts to identify and select the best solutions which encompass high conservation value, are scientifically based, consider human requirements and empower people to take informed action.

Key highlights of the Spring 2016 run of the Award include:

  • 20 eligible organizations, 8 participated in the award – 40% participation rate
  • Around 10 critically endangered and lesser known species promoted through the award
  • Shared with close to 1 Million Facebook fans in total, all posts combined reached a total of 2,100 likes and 2,160 shares
  • The award reached a total of measured 388,544 people just on Facebook
  • The top 3 posts by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife achieved 2,203 likes and shares in total. With their Facebook group having 6,350 followers, this is an incredible engagement rate of more than 11%
  • Average engagement rate was 4% (based on the top 3 submitted posts by each participant)

The next run of the award is scheduled for later this year.

For full announcement and the details please visit the Croeni Foundation website.

Photo credit: Roland Wirth

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