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Next round: The Rainforest Trust opens calls again for proposals to create new protected areas

ASAP Partner, Rainforest Trust, has an open call for proposals. They are offering support for organisations across the tropics to create new protected areas for Critically Endangered and Endangered species. Rainforest Trust prioritizes projects in Key Biodiversity Areas with globally significant populations of Critically Endangered and Endangered species, following the A1(a) criterion of the KBA Standard.

This opportunity is open to any NGO legally registered and authorized to work in the country of the proposed protected area.

This is a great opportunity to protect the habitats of ASAP species, which are on the brink of extinction. ASAP encourages partner organisations to prioritise Critically Endangered species.

Projects should have a clear focus on creating a new protected area, or expanding an existing protected area. Stronger funding proposals will have community and government support.

Rainforest Trust will work closely with strong applicants to develop full project proposals. Drafts should be submitted before February 1; however, discussions on prospective projects can begin as soon as possible (see links below).

In addition, Rainforest Trust supports Rapid Protected Area Feasibility Awards, that average $5,000 USD, to assess the potential of establishing a protected area. These awards have a rolling deadline and can be used to evaluate the presence and population of Critically Endangered and Endangered species with regard to KBA criteria and thresholds, and to assess community and government interest in protection. The intention is that successful Rapid Protected Area Feasibility Awards will lead to full proposals.

See more information at

Send any questions and start exploring the opportunity by contacting

And we at ASAP would love to hear from you if your organisation successfully applied to create new protected areas for ASAP species!

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