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PanNature is a Vietnamese non-profit, established in 2006, working to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

Vision: Vietnam is a sustainable and nature-friendly society where people live prosperous lives in harmony with their living environment, properly utilizing the country’s natural resources to ensure sustainable development in the present and future.

Mission: PanNature is dedicated to protecting and conserving diversity of life and improving human well-being in Vietnam by seeking, promoting and implementing feasible, nature-friendly solutions to important environmental problems and sustainable development issues.

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At national level, PanNature has carried out policy initiatives to introduce and promote good governance and more transparency in natural resources sector through active participation in providing inputs and analysis of laws and legislation on environmental impact assessment, protected area management, benefit sharing and co-management in special-use forest, river basin management, mining and extractive industries, hydropower, environmental taxation, payment for environmental services and carbon finance mechanism, and litigation in environmental pollution disputes. We deal with these diverse thematic issues by facilitating involvement of external human resources and stakeholders through evidence-based policy research and analysis.

Strong media relations and communication efforts also complement policyfocused efforts as our findings and recommendations reach wider audience as well as target groups. The online news service website ThienNhien.Net has gained strong credentials among conservation community, government agencies and the mainstream media. As a trusted source, published articles and analysis have been reused and reproduced intensively by many institutions. In addition, PanNature’s leaders have been asked to provide public statements and comments on important conservation and environmental issues by the media agencies.

At local level, active engagement at the community and field level is also strength of PanNature in proving practical, science-based, and good models in natural resource governance and sustainable development. PanNature has carried out field operation in various sites in the Central Highlands and the Northern Mountains of Vietnam, where our team work closely with local partners and communities to pilot collaborative management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, forest protection and sustainable livelihood measures.

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24H2 Khu do thi moi Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

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