Conservation Actions

Additional survey in suitable habitat within the species known range should be undertaken to confirm the species continued presence.

Location Information

The species was described from the upper parts of the Rivers Ko and Tan in Viet Nam. It has not been recollected in either river or elsewhere since the collection of the types in 1936. Freyhof (M. Kottelat, pers. comm.) surveyed the area in 2000 and 2002, including the type locality and the species was not recorded.

The drainages where it was recorded from are small, estimated at somewhat over 100 km², but the species is thought likely to be restricted to the upper parts of the drainages. Further survey is required.

Geographic Range

Possibly Extinct

Viet Nam

Population Information

The species has not been seen since it was described, despite surveys in 2000 and 2002, and the known populations are considered to be possibly extinct (<50 individuals).


No information available on the threats to the species, although the upper parts of watersheds in the region are impacted by current deforestation, as well as large-scale deforestation and degradation during the 1970s.

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