About Us

TCA is established as a non-government organisation (NGO) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) 2001 and as a charity in Australia 2016. TCA protects the Torricelli Mountain Range in Sandaun Province in PNG, where it holds the Critically Endangered (CR) Tenkile and Weimang tree kangaroos as flagship species.

ASAP Species That We Work On

What We Do

TCA is a multi-faceted organisation that focuses on the stakeholders of the area, whilst focusing on conservation and community development. TCA protects the Torricelli Mountain Range, some 150,000 hectares of primary tropical rainforest, with 50 villages - ~13,000 people.

TCA employs local stakeholders who act as guardian of the area.

TCA has been successful in delivering many projects since its’ inception in 2001.

The Tenkile and Weimang tree kangaroos have both made recoveries since TCA began, with hunting moratoria proving to be successful.

Where We Work

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Contact Details

Jim Thomas – Chief Executive Officer (CEO
Wewak, Papua New Guinea

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