Conservation Actions

Information on this species is very limited. Research on distribution, population size and trend, and use and trade should be prioritized to develop appropriate conservation measures for this species.

Location Information

This species is known only from the Agus River and its tributaries in Mindanao, Philippines and has never been found in Lake Lanao nor in the plateau surrounding the lake (Wood 1968).

Its extent of occurrence (EOO) ranges from 12 km2 based on known localities to 314 km2 based on known HydroBASIN, with the lower limit as the best estimate.  It has an area of occupancy (AOO) from 12 km2 estimated based on known localities to 16 km2 computed based on known HydroBASIN, with the lower limit as the best estimate.

Geographic Range



Population Information

There is no information on the current population size and trend of this species.


It is threatened by the construction of hydroelectric dams along Agus River for the generation of electricity for the entire Mindanao. These dams along the Agus River have altered river flows and most probably modified or destroyed habitats of this species. The dam in Saguiaran was constructed in 1975 and has been operational since 1979 (UPLB-DENR 2014, National Power Corporation 2020).

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