Conservation Actions

More information on the distribution, biology, population size and trends, and the current and potential threats to this species is needed.

Location Information

This species is known only from its type locality in the Barito River drainage in southern Borneo (Ng and Kottelat 2003).

Geographic Range



Population Information

There is no information available on the population and its trend for this species. Giam et al. (2012) used species distribution data and past rates of peat swamp forest loss to estimate the probability of this species becoming globally extinct due to habitat loss projected to occur between 2010-2050. The probability of extinction of this species was estimated at 12-95%. This estimate is of the probability that the species will eventually become extinct due to habitat loss and is not the probability that it will be lost by 2050 because there may be an extinction time lag.


Deforestation for logging and agriculture occurs in the area, with associated impacts on the aquatic environment expected. However, the effect of these threats on the population status of this species have not been evaluated (H.H.  Ng pers. comm. 2019). Additionally, land conversion has resulted in a significant loss of peat swamp habitat throughout much of this species range, with the most recent estimates suggesting that approximately 29% of this habitat remains in Sundaland (Miettinen et al. 2011, 2016).

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