Conservation Actions

There are no known conservation actions in place for this species. It may already be extinct. Immediate priority should be on determining whether it is still extant.

Location Information

The species is only known from the vicinity of Medan in Sumatra, Indonesia (Tan and Ng 2005). Specimens identified as Betta fusca, that were collected further south in Riau and Jambi provinces, may refer to Betta raja or some other species (H.H. Tan pers. comm. 2019).

Geographic Range

Possibly Extinct


Population Information

The species may be extinct in the wild. Recent field collections in the area surrounding Medan did not yield this species (Tan and Ng 2005). The last known collection of this species was approximately in the 1950's, based on specimens deposited in the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (Tan H.H. pers. comm. 2019). Its estimated population size is 0-50 mature individuals.


The threats to this species are unknown. It may already be extinct and this may be due to habitat destruction and modification.

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