Conservation Actions

It is not known if this species is present in any protected areas. Further field studies are needed to locate any remaining populations and also to study the natural history of this little-known species.

Location Information

This recently-described species has been recorded from the island of Biak, Indonesia. It was collected close to Biak town in 1963. This area has since been deforested. It is possible that the species may be present also on the island of Supiori, although this requires confirmation.

Geographic Range



Population Information

It has only been collected once (a single specimen) in five expeditions to Biak. The population is believed to be small.


Although this species is poorly-known, it is presumed that hunting for food by local people and habitat loss through deforestation for timber and conversion to cultivated land are threats. At least more than 50% of the forest on Biak has been cleared. There is still available habitat on the island of Supiori.

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