Conservation Actions

Lake Manguao, the only known habitat of this species, is within the Palawan Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary and a Key Biodiversity Area (Biodiversity Management Bureau 2016). Research is needed to determine population size and trend, life history, and ecology of this species.

Location Information

This species is endemic to Lake Manguao, Palawan, Philippines (Herre 1953, Matillano 2002). It has an extent of occurrence (EOO) and area of occupancy (AOO) of 28 km2.

Geographic Range



Population Information

Information on the population size and trend for this species is very limited. This species was a common fish encountered during the survey conducted in the open water and littoral areas around Lake Manguao on June 26 and June 27, 2002 (Matillano 2002), but the number of individuals caught (total of 24 ranging from 5.0 cm to almost 20.0 cm SL) suggests that this species occurs in low abundance. Subsequent sampling collections conducted in October and December 2013 in the littoral zone of the lake recorded only five individuals (Matillano and Atrero 2013). This further confirms that its abundance is low.


Introduction of alien species, habitat degradation attributed to mining operations and deforestation, and disturbance from tourism-related activities pose threats to the survival and quality of habitat of this species (Matillano 2011, Gonzales and Matillano 2014).

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