Conservation Actions

Conservation Actions 
This species inhabits the locally protected forest reserve of Gunung Jerai.

Conservation Needed
Improved protection of the small area of remaining habitat is required.

Research Needed
More information is needed on the population status, ecology, and threats.

Location Information

This species is only known from the upper elevations (800-1,200 m asl) of Gunung Jerai, Kedah in Peninsular Malaysia. Despite many surveys at other montane locations in Peninsular Malaysia, no other subpopulations have yet been found (Quah et al. 2017) and it is not expected to occur more widely within the country (E. Quah pers. comm. January 2018). Its extent of occurrence (EOO) is 10 km2.

There is a possibility that this species also occurs in southern Thailand in Satun Province based on photographic records, however, confirmation of these records with voucher specimens are required (E. Quah pers. comm. January 2018).

Geographic Range



Population Information

There is little information on the population size and trends of this species, although its limited known distribution indicates a low population.


This species inhabits a small, locally protected but isolated area of forest near to populated areas, which includes a small tourist hill station. However, unrestricted camping within the type locality has led to habitat degradation including the pollution of streams, and forest clearance is occurring (E. Quah pers. comm. January 2018). The continued degradation of this habitat is a potential threat to the species (E. Quah pers. comm. February 2018).

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Photo Credits

Evan S. H. Quah