Conservation Actions

There are no conservation actions in place for this species. Research into the population and distribution is recommended. Additionally, it is recommended that the Triton Lakes are protected on the basis of the lake endemics and scenic beauty.

Location Information

This species is endemic to Lake Lakamora, one of three large lakes forming the Triton Lakes, about 55 km east of the town of Kaimana, West Papua Province, Indonesia (G.R. Allen pers. comm. 2019).

Geographic Range



Population Information

It was last recorded approximately 15 years ago (G.R. Allen pers. comm. 2019).

The habitat of this species undergoes fluctutations in water level and this leads to extreme fluctuations in the extent of occurrence (EOO) with at least a tenfold change in the EOO. The population of this species is likely to fluctuate with the water level but there is no information on the population size or trend (G.R. Allen pers. comm. 2019).


The lake undergoes large natural water level fluctuations, which are likely to be exacerbated by climate change. There is a logging concession in the area but it is not operational (Kadarasuman pers. comm. 2019).

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