Conservation Actions

Conservation Actions
This species occurs in Central Titiwangsa Range Important Bird Area (IBA) (Malaysia Red List Assessment Workshop January 2018). Its range overlaps with the Cameron Highlands Wildlife Sanctuary, but there are no records of this species from within the sanctuary.

Conservation Needed
Adequate protection of the Cameron Highlands is necessary for the conservation of this species (Malaysia Red List Assessment Workshop January 2018). Efforts to develop a National Red List for amphibians of Malaysia are needed to identify species in need of conservation efforts (Malaysia Red List Assessment Workshop January 2018).

Research Needed
Studies on its population size, distribution and trends, life history and ecology, and threats are needed. Additional surveys are needed throughout other upland areas along the Titiwangsa Mountain Range, particularly in areas which have received inadequate survey effort.

Location Information

This species is only known from its type locality, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang state, central Peninsular Malaysia, at 1,522 m asl (Matsui et al. 2009). It may occur more widely within the Banjaran Titiwangsa mountain chain (Matsui et al. 2009), however it is thought to be restricted to high-elevation forest above 900 m asl (Malaysia Red List Assessment Workshop January 2018). Its extent of occurrence (EOO) is 10 km2, and all individuals are considered to occur in a single threat-defined location.

Geographic Range



Population Information

This species is known only from several specimens. No surveys have been carried out recently, and it is unknown whether the species persists following the habitat conversion that has taken place at its type locality (N. Ahmad pers. comm. April 2018). However, due to ongoing decline in habitat at Cameron Highlands, the population is suspected to be decreasing.


At the time of this species' discovery in 2008, agricultural development was undertaken in the forest nearby the type locality and continues to be the greatest threat to the species' habitat in the Cameron Highlands. In 2016, the habitat at the type locality had been completely destroyed by the development of condominiums (Malaysia Red List Assessment Workshop January 2018).

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