Conservation Actions

Research is needed to confirm the taxonomic status of the species. Further intensive survey is required to confirm whether any individuals of the species still remain in the wild.

Location Information

The species is only known from the type locality in the upper reaches of the Citarum basin in western Java and it has never been reported again since the original description (Kottelat and Tan 2008). Therefore, the species is probably endemic to western Java.

The geographical range of this fish cannot be determined for certain, but considering the estimated range of the species as the upper reaches of the Citarum basin, if it is extant, its extent of occurrence may be at most approximately 4,850 km2 (based on total area within a minimum convex polygon around sites where the species has been recorded and where some potential habitats may be located).

Geographic Range

Possibly Extinct


Population Information

No information is available about the current population status and its trend, given that the species' original description is the only reference for the species. If this species is still extant then there are estimated to be under 50 mature individuals. However, since the last record of this species was more than a century ago (1858), the species is considered Possibly Extinct. Nevertheless, the absence of subsequent records for this species may simply be due to the lack of intensive ichthyological survey conducted in the Citarum basin.


Information about threats to the species is unknown. Nevertheless, similar to other fishes inhabiting river basins in Java, this species has probably been impacted by habitat loss or degradation primarily due to urbanisation, agricultural expansion, and industrial development commonly occurring throughout Java, as well as pollution resulting from such activities.

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