Conservation Actions

Life history and population research are needed. Research is needed into population and habitat trends.

Location Information

This species is endemic to the Mekong River basin, occurring from Lao PDR to northern Cambodia. It was described from a specimen taken from the Mekong at the entrance to the Mun River, Thailand.

The Mekong Giant Salmon Carp once occurred from the Lower Mekong, through the Khorat Plateau to Phnom Penh, but has recently been seen from Chiang Rai in northern Thailand (unconfirmed record). Its current distribution is northeastern Thailand and central Lao PDR, restricted to larger parts of rivers.

Geographic Range


Lao People's Democratic Republic

Possibly Extinct

Cambodia, Thailand

Population Information

The species was once widespread in the mainstream Mekong River, but naturally rare and has been much reduced in recent years (Rainboth 1996). Its range has reduced and now larger individuals are very rarely found. It is rare in Lao PDR, and has likely disappeared from Thailand. Its population has reduced over the last decade by more than 90% (C. Vidthayanon, pers. comm.) as a result of overfishing and habitat degradation.


Local overfishing (especially through drift gill nets), illegal fishing (explosives) impact its populations, and hydrographic change due to mainstream dams and climate change threaten its survival and recruitment. There are three further dams planned in the Thai part of the Mekong, within the species current distribution.

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